Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hypnosis Quotes

I want to do some hypnosis themed cross stitch designs so I need to come up with some hypnosis quotes.

Hypnosis Spoken Here

I'd rather be under your spell.

I'd rather be hypnotized.

I'd take a good fantasy over reality any day.

Quake like a duck.

Hypnosis heals.

Mesmer was right.

Do something mesmerizing.

I'd rather be in a trance.

The deeper you go the more relaxed you become.
The more relaxed you become the deeper you go.

Trance happens.

Why resist the thing you want the most?

Give in to hypnotic temptation.

Have you hugged your hypnotist today?

Hypnotists do it deeper.

If you want to go deeper, nod your head.

Take a deep breath, and just let go.


If you want to go deeper, hit any key.